Students work on creating "My Dream" with My Transition Portfolio

My Dream – A Lesson to Replace Fear

How can we drive fear out of our homes and our lives today? I woke up this morning thinking about how to support my students in continuing to develop their dreams while the world around them displays fear.  Why shouldn’t they get caught up in what everybody else is doing? It’s what is being modeled…
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3 Keys to Surviving and Thriving in the Special Education Classroom

Key #1:  Don’t forget to add “Wait Time” Key #2:  Love…What you do! …and Laugh OFTEN Key #3:  Just Breathe Key #1:  Don’t forget to add “Wait Time” Are you searching for keys to surviving and thriving in Special Education?What drives you while working with young adults?  If you are like me, the pace of…
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A Tool Is Just A Tool

My Core Belief #2 Given the right tools and time, those voices can and should be heard Tools are Just Tools…Until the right user picks one up to work on fixing the right problem. There is a tendency to focus our attention on the latest tool, the next big thing. It’s so tempting to abandon a…
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The Voice Inside

MyKey Core Belief #1 Every individual has a “voice” inside––waiting, wanting and ready to be heard, even if the act of voicing is uniquely different. The bell is about to ring. The pressure begins to mount. Get through the lesson plan. Meet state testing requirements. Follow the IEP mandates. Attend those meetings. Finish grading. Answer…
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