MyKey Classroom Lessons in Transition

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Barb Blakeslee Beck
Author Barb Blakeslee Beck
Supporting Young Adults With Communication & Physical Differences To Attain Their Dreams

When given the proper support, young adults can excel. But they also need direction to unlock the dreams inside them. My Transition Portfolio gives them the key to open that exciting world and discover their wealth of untapped potential. This is a long-awaited platform for students, teachers and parents alike.

Special Education Lessons and Perspective - School-to-Work Transition Leading Toward Independence in Adulthood
My Transition Portfolio

Centered around intuitive prompts that have been proven to break down even the most difficult of communication barriers, My Transition Portfolio is a comprehensive companion guide specifically developed to unlock self-determination in young adults with disabilities.

A series of 14 Keys like “Know Yourself Well”, “Find Careers that Match You” and “Lead Your Own IEP” are each developed to draw out individual preferences and in turn create opportunities rooted in systematic goal-setting.

Read more about the research and works that helped inform the materials on this site.

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